Acronym:                                  ABCD

Title:                                          Adaptive Behavior and Cloud Distribution

Contract number:                      ANR-13-INFR-005

Starting Date - End Date:         Oct. 1st, 2013 - March 31th, 2017

Duration:                                   42 months

Total Manpower (PM):              207

ANR Financial Contribution:     714 782 €

Project Coordinator:                 Rami Langar, UPMC

The project is organized in one coordination work package (WP1), and four technical work packages. WP2 is a transverse one on the whole project duration dealing with data processing and testbed evaluations, strictly linked to the activities of the three other work packages (WP3, WP4, and WP5) related to usages cartography, their correlation with human mobility, and the consideration of usages and mobility in mobile Cloud networking management.

  1. WP2: The aim of this work package is to collect data on digital content access and user mobility in time from different sources in order to be able to analyze ubiquitous content consumption in a selected, large urban area and its spatiotemporal dynamics. An evaluation platform will be also realized to test the proposed algorithms and protocols.

  2. WP3: The aim of this work package is to provide an accurate cartography of the network usages in urban areas of France. This study will not be limited to aggregate traffic volume, but will delve instead into detailed per-protocol, per-application, and per -content analyses. These activities will be conducted on data collected from both cellular and WiFi access networks.

  3. WP4: In this work package, we will investigate how the analysis of Data Traffic Records (DTR) - possibly correlated with different DTR sources and augmented  with Call Details Records (CDR) sources to increase the analysis accuracy - allow for a better characterization of urban mobility patterns. Major attention will be devoted to the joint characterization of mobility and usages. Qualitative studies complement this work.

  4. WP5: The aim of this work package is to provide a detailed analysis about traffic peaks in the mobile backhauling network, and accordingly decide where to place Cloud facilities and how to trigger Virtual Machine (VM) mobility. Computation offloading and resource allocation in the context of Cloud-RAN will be also investigated.


Project Structure